Astrological Magic

Many authors define magic as focussed intent or will for a desired outcome. Aleister Crowley stated; “Every intentional act is a magical act.” But real magic requires more than just intent, it requires knowledge of cosmic and internal cycles. Astrology is the master tracker of cycles.
Astrology is often explained using a phrase from the mythic Emerald Tablet of Hermes; “That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one”. This ancient text is said to describe the complete workings of alchemy and magic. From this phrase the law of correspondences is derived and practical application of the cycles of the planets is understood.

The apex of traditional astrological magic is the production of talismans. A talisman is a physical object that has been infused with magical power through a ritual based upon the law of correspondences and initiated at a very specific time determined using complex astrological rules. Alchemical workings too are started at times determined by the same rules. However, even though magic and alchemy (as well as astrology) are vast subjects, we can use some of the simpler astrological techniques for real magical benefit.
One of the simplest and most well-known astrological magical systems, is using knowledge of the lunar cycle. At its simplest the new moon is a time of beginnings and when the moon is in its waxing phase, this will be the time to begin new endeavours and initiate any action where the desired outcome is an increase. The full moon signifies completion and fruition and can be used when the intention is to bring matters to a head. When the moon is waning, then intentional acts relating to decreasing or letting go become appropriate. The last three days before the new moon are good times to break old bonds or eliminate habits.
A lessor known cycle of the moon is when the moon is said to be “void of course.” Technically this is the time period between the moon’s last aspect to one of the planets while it is in a particular sign until the moon changes into the next zodiac sign. Void of course time periods tend to hold an unfocussed and state of limbo energy and would not be appropriate for focussed intent. But, moon void of course periods can be used for great effect in trance work or deep meditation. The astrological energies are quieter when the moon is void of course. A great site to determine your localised void of course times, is found at

Gary Cousins, has more than 15 years of astrological experience. He was awarded a Diploma, with Honours, from the Thorburn School of Astrology, in February 1996. In 1997 he  attended an introductory course in Horary Astrology and since has been self taught in this specialised branch of astrology.
Gary has a passion and thirst for knowledge in order to understand mankind's meaning and place in this vast cosmos. His love for mathematics and science drive him to continually delve deeper into the Mystery which astrology consistently reveals.
He is also one of the committee members of the Cape Astrology Association.  
Visit his website or contact him via email or call 082-579-1351

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