Orbs and Luminosities

Orbs and Luminosities by Fiona Almeleh
Fiona Almeleh was August's guest speaker at our MetaNite Live evening held on the 1st Thursday of every month in our Cape Town Campus. She provided us with an inspiring talk on orbs and luminosities, drawing on her own personal quest to capture these interesting phenomenon on camera. One of our students suggested that we take pictures throughout the talk to see if we could capture orbs in action. Luckily some of them did appear and you can see the results in the photos below. The audio track from this talk is also coming soon in this article. Fiona summarised her talk as follows...

Our world pulses with life and even though this energy is not always visible for us, it is everywhere. During these amazing times for humanity, we are being shown evidence of all the different levels of being, that not only share our space, but are electing to make themselves energetically known. These Orbs can be beings of all natures, from the angelic to the elemental; the human to the plant; the animal to thought forms. It may all depend on the band-width of frequency that they come from.
Throughout history and in every tradition there is evidence of Orbs. Sadly our group consciousness has for the most part been indoctrinated over the centuries and our visual and intuitive sense of reality has been rather impaired. We learned not to accept certain things and lost an aspect of being connected and a part of All Nature. Digital technology principally offers us the possibility where we are able to visibly capture the presence of Orbs and Luminosities again, and this time on camera. Once we’ve discovered this truth we may enter a space that reminds us that we are also able to manipulate the energetic field within which we are resonating. Like attracts like. In studies it has been shown that we see only 10% of what is actually available to us. Committing to any way of reconnecting such as this, affords us the possibility of reprogramming our brains so that we give ourselves permission to again start seeing these things with our naked eyes. This is not the premise of the fortunate few but available for everyone.
Other than the fact that these energies have been with us always, it can be said that they are apparently drawn to different levels of frequency, as we are. So there seems to be a participation of choice. We can rest in the fact that we are companioned and that we need simply to open ourselves to the love and guidance around us that flows as an energy exchange from these beautiful Orbs and other Light Beings.
The message is in the moment. Everything is Frequency based. We, through our interaction with Orbs, are desiring to be more participative in our Global community. With open hearts and a focus on a healthier relationship with our beautiful Mother Earth, it is apparent that our perception is changing and we are moving towards a time of greater collaboration based on respect and love.
Peace be to all Beings.
Pictures provides courtesy of Diane Budd. Thanks Diane!

Picture 1 - large orb at the top of the photo

Picture 2 - small orb to left of Belinda's head during messages

Picture 3 - small orb to the right of Belinda's head during messages

To download the talk on orbs by Fiona Almeleh from August's MetaNite Live, click here (http://metavarsity.com/NW/Sound/MetaNight/2008/MetaNiteLiveAug2008.wma)

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