Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing, the science of things transcending what is physical and natural

If you have ever contemplated your own existence in the universe, you were dabbling in metaphysics.

About METAVarsity

MetaVaristy was founded in 2004 in Cape Town South Africa. The objective was simple – bring spiritual intelligence into the mind, heart and soul of the everyday person.

Education in Metaphysics means exploring a branch of philosophy that uncovers spiritual intelligence, which is beneficial to personal development and growth.



Our Courses

From fundamentals to healing practices, we structure our courses using specific outcomes and assessment criteria, to ensure that students leave with a comprehensive understanding of their module.

All our courseware is provided. In addition, it’s clear and easy-to-understand so that students can develop their skills and knowledge in their desired module with confidence.

Useful Tools

In addition to comprehensive support from our facilitators and provided courseware, we have several products available for students. From specially made Mandalas to integrated healing Chakra posters, these are tools that can be used for displays, to practice meditation or as reference tools for your own, personal growth. 

Furthermore, we’re constantly sourcing and sharing free tools online which can aid students in their personal development and spiritual journeys.

The METAVarsity learner portal is our e-learning platform that connects students from across the globe to their respective facilitators. Join in the online classes and study the wonders of metaphysics with students from all walks of life, for a digital classroom experience that you won’t forget.

Here, you’ll also have access to your learning materials, online assessments and a messaging portal to connect with your facilitator with questions, as you progress through the course.

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