METAVarsity is a school of metaphysics founded in 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our objective is to bring spiritual intelligence into the mind, heart and soul of the everyday person.

About METAVarsity

Founded in 2004, METAVaristy has sustained its vision in providing high-quality education in Metaphysical and Spiritual intelligence ever since.

We’re continuously growing our vision and strive to –

  • Provide high quality education in Metaphysics
  • Facilitate our courses with an open mind
  • Design well-structured and easy-to-understand courses
  • Uplift learners’ consciousness through practical applications
  • Create a community of inspired and collaborative people
  • Help learners to push the boundaries of their own beliefs

From humble beginnings and small classes in Cape Town to an online school that’s available worldwide, METAVarsity stands true to its promise to uplift and support those looking for answers in personal development.


METAVarsity, together with The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) was part of the group tasked with developing South Africa’s first occupational qualification for Energy Healing.

METAVarsity has been working for some time to get our courses and the related qualifications that the curriculum is linked to, recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

As of 2019, our progress is as follows:

  • Our courses have been aligned to a proposed national occupational part-qualification that is currently sitting with SAQA
  • The part-qualification for Energy Healing aligned to our NQF (National Qualifications Framework), which is supported by both HWSETA and QTCO is awaiting registration

Once we get our courses registered against the part qualification, we will be able to award successful learners with national practitioner numbers and registration with the Energy Healers Association (EHA).

This part-qualification will be the first for tertiary education in the Metaphysics industry in South Africa and Internationally.

For further information on how important this is and to gain an understanding of what this means for the Industry, read more on Biz Community

Our Courses

Our courses have been developed using specific outcomes and assessment criteria per module. We ensure that we work and develop the student’s skills and knowledge, using carefully constructed guidelines and expert facilitation.

In doing so, each course creates an incredible learning experience for the students – from foundation to qualification – ensuring that there is a steady, personal growth.


It’s important for potential students to understand that academic and non-academic degrees are different in nature.

Since our qualifications are spiritual, non-secular and non-academic in nature currently, they’re not accredited by governmental agencies and cannot be transferred to traditional universities or colleges. METAVarsity is currently not an accredited institution because our courseware is aligned to a proposed part-qualification. Once this qualification is registered on the NQF, then we will apply for said institution accreditation in order to offer the part-qualification.

We have been part of developing a qualification for the Industry. For further information, read our accreditations section above.

Our Facilitators

A Facilitator is not the same as a teacher.

A teacher is normally educated in a certain field and it’s their job to transfer that knowledge to the students. However, a facilitator works with their students and their individual experiences to help them manifest their own understandings of the topic at hand.

Each METAVarsity facilitator has their own experience in different holistic, esoteric and corporate field. Through their own experiences and studies in self-development and other holistic disciplines, they have established their own paths and are generous enough to share their expertise with METAVarsity and the students that attend. 

Alison Vickerman

Hlokomani Ndwandwe

Alexandra Lawrence

James Henderson

Debbie Caknis

Margarita Celeste

Gillian Vosloo

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