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Our Courses

All of METAVarsity’s courses run on a monthly subscription. You complete your chosen course at your own pace and cancel your subscription anytime you wish to directly on the website.

The subscription is R200 on an automatic monthly payment through the website.

All METAVarsitys’ metaphysics courses have been developed using specific outcomes and assessment criteria for every module. Both skills and knowledge are developed and assessed using consistent and clear guidelines of quality.

The incredible experiences and steady personal development of our learners is testimony to the power of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have a question that’s not on this list, feel free to send us a direct enquiry.

How long is my course?

Each course has a different duration which can be found on the courses page. We’ll also provide longer access to each course should students need more time to complete them.

What happens if I don't finish the course within the timeframe?

Not to worry, if you can’t finish the course on time, you can continue the course with a Top Up Token at R300 p/m. This gives you 1 month’s access to the module required.

Are the courses accredited?

Read here on how METAVarsity, together with The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) was part of the group tasked with developing South Africa’s first occupational qualification for Energy Healing.

When can I start?

Distance Learning – anytime, anywhere. The Physical Classes and Online Classes start at certain times each year. All this information is available on our Courses pages.

What happens if I don't pass my assessment?

You will get constructive feedback from your facilitator, pointing out which sections need to be revised. You can take the time to submit a second attempt at no further cost.

Should the 2nd attempt come back as “Not yet Competent”, you will receive further feedback and may resubmit as many attempts as needed at a charge of R200 per attempt thereafter.

What is the difference between the study pathways?
  • Class Learning option – This is a physical class setting with a facilitator.
    Course content is covered and summarized in class, with some development exercises being done in class and others at home.
  • Online Class Learning – This is a mix between distance learning and class learning. Students will learn through virtual classroom setting, interacting with a facilitator at an allotted class time. This option allows the flexibility of online classes, in two-week intervals, to discuss the course modules. Students are required to have a computer or laptop and internet access to be part of the online classes.
  • Distance Learning – This is the most flexible learning option. Here you work entirely online at your own pace, with a one-on-one facilitator to support you through the course. It can be started at any time you are ready. Students are required to have access to a computer or laptop and the internet to take part in distance learning.
Can anyone study the course?

Yes, absolutely. If you are ready to work on your consciousness, then we are ready to support that process. You will need to have a SA Matric or equivalent working experience and be fluent in written and spoken English.

Do I need to be at a certain spiritual level to study this course?

Not at all. These courses are designed to support your conscious and spiritual growth at any level that is suited to you and your needs.  

Can I just do the course and not the assignments?

Yes. The assignments are designed to support the integration of the content into your life but if you don’t have the time and prefer to just work with the content, that option is available.

Are there physical materials?

Yes, we’ll courier your course workbooks and you can find the assignments online in the Learner Portal.

How does my courseware get sent to me?

We send it via door to door courier.

Can I study this course from anywhere in the world?

Yes. The online classes and distance learning options are available to anyone in the world. Currently, the physical classes only take place in different parts of South Africa.

Who are the facilitators?

You can find information about each facilitator in our About Us Page.

What support do I receive?

Your facilitator will send feedback on exercises and assignments throughout the course as well as answer any questions sent through on the learner portal. In addition, you can find audio tracks of lectures on the learner portal.

How much homework is there?

You can expect approximately 2 to 4 hours a week of homework, but it all depends on you and how you process the information. Some sections will be quicker to complete while others will require more reflection time.

Do I receive a certificate?

After you have successfully completed your course, including development exercises and formal summative assignments, we issue and acknowledgement of competency.

Course Rules

  • All learners must be at least 18 years of age and literate in English.
  • Learners assessed as ‘Not Yet Competent’ for any module, may attempt the Summative Assessment for that module again, within 30 days of the first attempt at no charge.
  • Where prerequisites are specified, learners must have received a ‘Competent’ assessment, before beginning a new module.
  • METAVarsity assumes that all learners are working with the course in good faith. However, we reserve the right to refuse facilitation to any person, in which case a full refund will be provided.

Learner Agreement

At METAVarsity, we pride ourselves on opening our education to anyone who wishes to study with us. However, in order to ensure that potential students are in alignment with our ethics and morals, we request that students should agree with each of these statements, before signing up –


  • I am a sincere student seeking knowledge and expansion of my own consciousness.
  • I am responsible for my own learning and understanding of the courseware.
  • In order to learn, I must actively participate and relate learning to my own personal experiences.
  • I will participate wholeheartedly in all recommend activities.
  • I will give honest and constructive feedback in course evaluations.
  • I will complete all development exercises by the agreed upon date.
  • I acknowledge that failure to produce exercises on time will be reflected on my assessments.
  • I agree that I will only receive a certificate upon the successful completion of all modules of the course for which I am registered.
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