Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing, the science of things transcending what is physical and natural.

It has taught me more about myself than I have learnt in my entire existence.

Applied Metaphysics

Metaphysics Courses

Our Applied Metaphysics Course explores the tools and techniques required to reach deep soul contact and understanding.

Through these studies, you’ll learn how to use powerful mindfulness techniques, play and develop your own telepathic communication and discover different areas of your personality.

Students must have completed our Introduction to Metaphysics course before applying for this course.

Study Streams

Classes, Distance, Online

Course Duration

6 months

Class Frequency

Class – Once every 2 weeks, Distance – At your own pace, Online – Once every 2 weeks

Course Start Dates

Class: 19 July 2020, Online: 18 March 2020

Payment Options

Classes CT (Once off payment), Classes JHB (Once off payment), Deposit only (balance due via monthly debit orders), Distance (Once off payment 30% discount applied), Online (Once off payment 20% discount applied)

R900.00 R9,000.00


Course Overview

Our Applied Metaphysics Course follows on from the Introduction course and is structured into five modules:

Module 1 – Advanced Metaphysics

  • Learning the origins and purpose of philosophical and metaphysical thinking
  • Defining and expanding metaphysical terminology
  • The 6 main schools of philosophy
  • Famous philosophers
  • The 5 main schools of Metaphysics
  • Purpose of Metaphysics
  • Mysticism versus occultism
  • Paranormal and parapsychology
  • Space-time continuum
  • Metaphysical laws of phenomena

Module 2 – Meditation

  • Learning meditation techniques that go beyond mind control
  • Developing soul contact and awareness
  • Being able to assist others with meditation Outline
  • Stages and schools of meditation
  • Soul meditation technique
  • Breath, sound and chants
  • Personal experience of your soul
  • Assisting others to meditate

Module 3 – Soul Awareness

  • Developing a deep, soul-level of awareness and creating a sense of unity
  • Overcoming major challenges in the personality that block the soul from expressing itself
  • Spiritual hierarchy of the solar system and the interrelationship of nature
  • Process of evolution through the flow of impression
  • Definition of the personality, soul and Monad
  • Using the 7 rays of life to understand soul and personality
  • Types of glamour and illusion that block the soul’s purpose
  • How to overcome glamour and illusion

Module 4 – Energy Awareness

  • Developing a personal experience with the different types of energy
  • Awareness of the technical process of directing and receiving energy
  • Types of prana/energy/chi
  • Energy circuits and energy transmission
  • Experiencing levels of the aura
  • Experiencing different types of energy physical/emotional/mental)
  • Science and quantum physics view
  • Personal energy management

Module 5 – Mind Awareness

  • Developing an understanding of the mind and its power to create reality
  • Using telepathy to develop clear, powerful thought forms and to be receptive to receiving clear information
  • Levels of the mind and the purpose of each level
  • How thought forms work
  • Natural laws of manifestation, e.g. law of attraction, law of vibration, etc
  • Types of telepathy and techniques of developing this communication ability
  • Practical telepathy experience
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