Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing, the science of things transcending what is physical and natural.

We are all limitless beings on a spiritual path of self-discovery.

Introduction to Metaphysics

Metaphysics Courses

Let the journey begin!

The Introduction to Metaphysics course starts from the very foundational principals of the subject – After all, strong foundations build strong buildings.

These teachings are conveyed by creating a framework for accelerated growth and personal development, by applying the four pillars of metaphysics:

  • Self-awareness
  • Control of the mind
  • Energy perception
  • Intuitive development
Distance Learning

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Course Fees:

Students complete the online course at their own pace on a month-to-month subscription.
The subscription costs R200 per month and is processed by Payfast's recurring payments facility.
You cancel your subscription anytime you wish too directly on the website.

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Each learner begins with a base online course subscription, which includes access to the online Learner Portal support materials which comprises:

  • Workbooks
  • Audio/Video Lectures
  • Development Exercises
  • Summatives

For students who want to have their exercises marked, join an online class or require any other support,  these need to be added from the Additional Services below.

R200.00 / month

*** See our additional services below  to enhance your course scope further

Next Online Class Start Date

Wednesday Evening
20 April 2022 19:00 – 21:00
Duration is for 6 months with 13 x 2hour sessions running every 2nd week.

Next Physical Class Start Date

Cape Town: Saturday Full Day
30 July 2022 09:00 – 17:00
Duration is for 6 months with 11 x full-day sessions running every 2nd week.

Additional services :

Learners can tailor their METAVarsity experience to their liking by adding any one of these optional services to their base course.

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Have a A5 printed workbook sent to you …

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R 400


Facilitators go through answers from course …

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R 2250


Exercises and formal summatives are given marks …

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Physical Classes

Depending on the course, students can join physical …

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R 3250

Online Classes

Learners join an online class made up of other students …

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R 1750


For learners who already have experience …

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R 1500

Course Overview

By providing thorough course material and supportive facilitators, learners embark on an incredible journey of self-discover.

The Introduction to Metaphysics Course is made up of four modules that are based on the four pillars of Metaphysics –

Module 1 – Self Awareness

By applying natural laws, karmic patterns, past lives, reincarnation, dreams, relationship tools and consciousness, this module helps you get in touch with your inner self and the patterns you face in life.

Module 2 – Control of the Mind

Through concentration, meditation and visualisation, we’re able to control our minds, emotions and reactions. We explore different meditation techniques to help students grasp and improve their life circumstances and break unhealthy patterns.

Module 3 – Energy Perception

This module will help you to discover the energy healer within by providing an understanding of energy, chakras, auras, colour and ceremonial magic. Learn how to use energy healing to help yourself, your loved ones and any circumstances for others.

Module 4 – Intuitive Development

Explores the nature of psychic and intuitive energy and how people have a natural ability to tune into energies. This module provides simple and clear guidelines on how to use your inner-knowing, psychic clairvoyant ability, to guide you in your own life and to help other people.

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