Metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing, the science of things transcending what is physical and natural.

 The safe space and collaborative element makes it a perfect environment for spiritual growth.

Metaphysics Practitioner

Metaphysics Courses

Our Metaphysics Practitioner Course is the final instalment to becoming a practitioner. This course aims to develop and refine your ability to work in the field of Metaphysics as an advanced energy or intuitive healer.

By exploring aspects such as skills development and intuitive practice, as well as completing a work experience portfolio, learners receive a comprehensive understanding of Metaphysics Practitioners.

How can I study this Course?

Students must have completed Introduction to Metaphysics and our Applied Metaphysics Courses before registering for Metaphysics Practitioner. If students have completed similar courses at a different institution, METAVaristy does offer a Recognition of Prior Learning certificate.

Study Streams

Blend of all 3 streams

Course Duration

12 months

Class Frequency

Class – Once every 2 weeks, Distance – At your own pace, Online – Once every 2 weeks, Online – Once per week

Course Start Dates

Class: CT 26 January 2020, Distance Learning : Anytime

Payment Options

Classes CT (Once off payment), Classes JHB (Once off payment), Deposit only (balance due via monthly debit orders), Distance (Once off payment 30% discount applied), Online (Once off payment 20% discount applied)

R900.00 R9,000.00


Course Overview

 Module 1 – Intuitive Practice

The practitioner level courses are designed to equip you to become a metaphysical practitioner, working with clients at a high level of expertise and integrity. Therefore, this module is very practical and intense. Students will be diving into working with friends and family almost immediately as part of developing your skills.

Module 2a – Generic Skills

This module is designed to be completed via distance learning, with your provided workbook because you’ll be setting up your own practice. Here, you’ll be working on developing your practical and business skills, while ensuring that you practice is up to industry standards and requirements.

Module 2b – Anatomy

This module is also completed via distance learning and aims to build a working understanding of the body so that it can support your healing techniques. The content is fact-based and assessed by learners applying their knowledge in practical situations.

Module 3 – Advanced Energy Healing

Learning and applying practical techniques for developing your energy healing ability to professionally serve and assist others.

This module consists of:

  • Principles of energy healing
  • Tools for energy healing
  • Applying advanced energy healing

Body of Work

In addition to your modules, you’ll also be working on completing your body of work. This includes your:

  • Case studies
  • Work experience portfolio
  • Completed METAVarsity courseware
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