Guiding you safely and lightly as you grow more confidence on your spiritual journey.

Follow your intuition, it will always lead you to the right destination.

Tools for your journey

These unique tools have been specially created by the METAVarsity network of spiritual practitioners to aide on your journey. Choose from Chakra charts for healing, unique Mandalas for reflection and guided meditations, to help see you through your spiritual growth.


This comprehensive, bright Chakra Chart explains over 30, cross-referenced modalities for professionals and learners, looking to explore the healing sector.


These specially formulated Mandalas are aimed to provide spiritual guidance and meditation into specific emotions. They have been brought to life using numerology.

Free Meditations

Water Manifestation Meditations

This is a “Water Manifestation Meditation” created by a practitioner learner, Wanda.

Every topic has duality to it. It is often the case when one asks for something, in this case rain, the ABSENCE of rain is more dominant in one’s vibration.

Open your mind, heart and soul as we draw power in unity to create rain together.

Becoming Water

Ensure to use headphones or find somewhere quiet before embarking on your meditation journey. (10 – 20 Mins)

Thank you for the Rain

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